GUAa disinfectant revolution - Chlorine-free chemicals, Disinfectants
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Chlorine-free chemistry GUAa

Thanks to the newly developed unique technology GUAa product series are a revolution in disinfection. Chlorine-free chemistry GUAa eliminates bacteria, viruses and modl without using toxic or harmful substances.

The product lines of our products:

GUAa POOL product series present a complete chlorine-free pool chemistry suitable for all types of pools and whirlpools. Household disinfection GUAa HOME ensures clean household without undesirable bacteria and odour. GUAa PROFI product series are designed for disinfection of public places. GUAa FITNESS is a revolutionary concept in disinfection of solaria, saunas and fitness and wellness facilities. GUAa HEALTH series presents products for personal hygiene containing an antiseptic component. A truly novel series is GUAa PETS whose products disinfect breeder’s facilities, equipment and veterinary facilities.

GUAa doesn’t contain any chlorine!

All GUAa products are chlorine-free and user and material friendly. They contain no alcohol, aldehydes or phenols - therefore their application isn’t accompanied by any smell of aggressive chemicals.

Useful tips and information: